Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You can only laugh about a "firend" if you've never had one.

Cypress Gardens re-opened in December 2005 to 45 million dollars in renovations, including new rollercoasters, remodeled botanical gardens, and improved facilities, but unfortunately, no spell-check on the office computer.

I visited the park last year and had an awesome time, but I had a much better time last night on their website. One part grammatical errors and two parts useless information adds up to almost as much fun as dressing in a hoopskirt and watching a waterski show. (I said "ALMOST" as much fun).

Thanks to Tacky Fabulous reader "startlingmoniker" who recommends the Special Events section of the site. There you can find all sorts of interesting tidbits on artists scheduled to play Cypress Gardens - from Juice Newton to Wayne Newton. For example, did you know Mr. Las Vegas won "an internatinal award for his most active hobby, the breeding of Arabian stallions"...or that BJ Thomas' song Hooked on a Feeling "features the sound of an electric guitar"?

The Temptations will play there on February 17th - but with only one original member included in the mix, I think they should technically be called "The Temptation".

Most disturbing, though, is a misspelled reference to a Beach Boys tune Cypress Gardens calls "Firends" which sounds less like a song title and more like a painful medical condition affecting one's digestive tract.

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startlingmoniker said...

Don't miss Bill Haley's Comets-- not Bill Haley AND The Comets... just the Comets.

Of course, there have been about a hundred different Comet members, so who knows what you're getting there: