Friday, March 28, 2008

Bagels, Biceps, and Brunch

Really, what more do you need to know?  There is no more tacky fabulous way to spend your Sunday morning than with the men (and women) of the WWE for Bagels, Biceps, and Brunch (to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation).

Throw in bacon, bonfires, butts, and bass fishin' and it's truly heaven on earth.

photo courtesy of WWE

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moremeatperinch said...

Ha! I spent part of this evening at work with a co-worker discussing wrestling...particularly the closet homo tendencies of a single, supposedly hetero adult co-worker who shows everyone a photo of a buff, tanned, tattooed wrestler flexing a sweaty bicep. It is the wallpaper on his phone and he is so proud. I have heard about wrestlemania for the last two weeks, and will likely hear about it for the next few. So, is wrestling gay or what? (We concluded that he secretly jerks off to wrestling.)

Other topics of discussion included the scrapbbok he brought in to work from the days when he "had his band". Said scrapbook was very elaborate and clearly showed off his old Korn hair-do and plenty of shirtless bandmates making guitar faces, etc. I have to say that until now I had never seen a scrapbook created by a man.