Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting My "Processed Cheese Fix" Here at Bike Week...

If you love Velveeta as much as I do, Daytona Bike Week is a "can't miss event". What the SW-Orlando Theme Park corridor has done for the chicken tender, Daytona Bike Week has done for imitation cheese. Plus, they've got tons of fatty meats, which is always a bonus. Here's a two-fer: a can of cheese-ish, along with some kind of meat. This is the staple of the Bike Week diet.

Just so you get a feel for the complete dining experience, here is the typical Daytona Bike Week table setting (cigarette butts in a plastic cup of backwash, optional).

And I think this is a dessert option, or maybe it's a second course, but regardless, who doesn't love a "Pork Parfait"?

Bon Appetit, Central Florida!

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