Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap Year Celebration, Orlando Style

How did you celebrate your extra day in February? There really is only one way to do it right: jump up and down off a 12-foot tall ladder into a yellow inflatable cushion right near Orlando City Hall, every 3 minutes and 56 seconds for a total of 366 times.

Oh, and change your costume every hour. Wardrobe should include a white retro jumpsuit, and at some point, a gray smoking jacket. Music? Preferably something New-Agey. Soulja Boy just wouldn't feel right for this event.

Says Brian Feldman, the leaper: "Well its leap year day and there really isn’t anything for leap year day. I thought it would be a good idea to get people to think about how they spend their day. Particularly this extra day. And Orlando needs more public art and this is a great opportunity to embrace something very few people ever see."

See,'s art! Our cup runneth over with culture, don't it?

Photo from Orlando Sentinel
Quote from MyFoxOrlando via Fark


Jason said...

Only the best for Orlando.

I get what he's trying to do. Or at least I think I understand the point he's trying to make. And there's definitely something to be said for him actually going through with it.

But leaping off a ladder onto a giant airbag just doesn't do it for me. Even on Leap Year Day.

Now if the leaping were open to the public... THAT'S an event worth going to.

Maybe next (leap) year.

Tacky Fabulous said...

As long as it's not scheduled the same day as your Grandma party!

Take Care Jason!

Brian Feldman said...

To Tacky Fabulous: Thanks for mentioning this project. I hope you had as memorable an extra day as I did.

To jason: "Only the best for Orlando" is the sort of sarcasm I anticipated from spectators and bloggers alike, from the very impetus of the idea. So thanks for following the status quo. Did you even bother to stop by at any point during the 1,440 minutes; especially considering it was in your immediate neighborhood? If not, that's unfortunate; though I apologize for not including my artist statement on my website. My technical proficiency with regards to website development is nowhere near what you and crew are adept with at SOLMI. (Oh and by the way, thanks for Tapes. It looks like a pretty useful app.) Though, in my defense, I am now a tried expert in cutting across red tape with regards to city government dealings.

Simply getting this production off the ground, no pun intended, was a rather daunting process (it'd been in development since late October '07), especially as an independent producer - with ZERO governmental money involved.

A question from the artistic side - What if you hadn't known it was an airbag; if it had been blocked from all views, save from above? Just the "act" of leaping; not knowing where/how the landing occurred? Would that have changed your opinion of the piece in any way? I'm going to guess, "not really?"

In truth, I would have loved to been able to announce that the leaping was open to the public, but it was difficult enough just convincing those "in power" to let me serve as the fall guy for this thing. There were originally some (ok, "many") safety/liability concerns, but - on the day of the event, quite a few others (perhaps 100) did enjoy a ceremonial leap. And their enjoyment was pretty much unanimous.

Next Leap Year Day (2012), I bet no one does anything. In Orlando.*

Best of luck on your HVX200.

*But "if" they do, I hope they were at least in some way encouraged to do so after this, and these are my words, "unprecedented" 2008 project. (That would be a challenge to you, jason.)