Monday, March 3, 2008

Media Recipe for Bike Week...

Bike Week is officially in full swing here in Central Florida, which means media outlets can use the old stand-by formula, which is kind of like the Mad Libs games you'd play on car trips as a kid.
And now, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER, we are making this top secret recipe available to the general public! You too can write your own Bike Week article in the privacy of your own home or cubicle. Just use this FREE handy reference guide:

NOTE: Article must include no fewer than 3 of the following 5 criteria:

*Reference to weather - "Sunny skies draw huge crowds"
(Alternate - "Stormy skies keep bikers at bay")

*Headline must include the phrase ""Bikers Roar into Town", "Bikers Rumble into Town" or "Bikers Roll into Town" (can be followed by phrases like "in record numbers" or "in spite of stormy weather"). Before Bike Week begins, use the phrase, "Gear Up for the Big Event"

*Death count - Typically updated daily. Ick.

*World Record tie-ins: Most often in the areas of attendance (record crowds), events (largest wedding vow renewal - yowza!), and weather patterns (record high/low temps)

*Quote from non-traditional biker: Doctor, lawyer, or chick who can talk about how motorcycling isn't just for badasses.

PHOTOS must include 5 of the following 7 shots:

*Animal on a motorcycle
*Bad Ass Biker with stuffed animals attached to his motorcycle
*Tricked out bike
*Kid on motorcycle
*As many motorcycles as possible crammed into one shot
*Someone getting or giving a body shot/tattoo or lap dance
Using this patent pending formula, I've actually written articles for Bike Week that span the next 14 years.

Thanks to Florida Today, Tampa Bay Online, CF News 13, Daytona Beach News Journal, Orlando Sentinel
Photos (in order) courtesy of: Barbara Perez, Jim Tiller (AP) x2, Barbara Perez, Jacob Langston

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