Friday, March 21, 2008

The Most Tacky Fabulous Spring Break Souvenir

I've always been a big fan of the fat pencil souvenir, but this is even better: Somebody swiped the twenty-foot tall Moosehead Light inflatable from outside the Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach. (The work of "pranksters", says Daytona Beach News-Journal.)

Unfortunately for those pranksters, since the thing is worth over $5000, it falls into the "grand theft" category.

Clearly, the Daytona Beach police department enlisted the help of an FBI profiler in targeting the perp - and as such, they've offered up a most tacky fabulous reward: a case of Moosehead Light a week for a year.

That particular area has become the Bermuda Triangle of inflatables - just a few years ago "Trojan Man" was stolen from the same spot. Whereabouts still unknown.

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