Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Blind Date in the Swamp

I love blind dates because I love surprises, so imagine my surprise when my blind date sent me a text message to let me know the location of our rendez-vous...

"How sweet," I replied, "I've never heard of it, but I'm assuming you picked The Swamp House Grill because of my blog?" I asked. When he answered "What's a blog?" I got a little nervous. When he emailed and asked if it was OK to bring his parrot, I got more nervous. I mean, I'm an animal lover and all, but parrots poop and that fact makes them less-than-perfect dining mates. I didn't answer and decided to just wait and see where my date's own judgement led him.

Fortunately, Mother Nature stepped in with the threat of bad weather, thus the bird and its excrement stayed home. I did meet "Ned the Parrot" (albeit virtually) via seven video clips, including Ned the Parrot at Bike Week, Ned the Parrot at my date's cousin's house in Atlanta, and Ned eating hamburger meat soaked in eggs and water.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Swamp House Grill is not just a restaurant.  It's a restaurant/campground, and according to the sign, they do safaris, as well.  If that's not enough to flip your skirt, check out the alligator made entirely from motorcycle parts:

or the guy singing Elvis songs in the Tiki Bar area, not far from the outhouse.  Then there's the gift shop, with bass staplers...

gator back scratchers, and a slow cooker filled with that Florida favorite - boiled peanuts. Two varieties, actually.

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travelfables said...

Grin, I just read your blog about your blind date at the swamp house grill and campground. Your entire blog is great BTW. I will have to pull my camper in there the next time I go adventuring through Orlando.
When I was in Orlando last, I stayed a night in one campground that was a thing of legend indeed as far as redneckdom goes. Its features included toothless deliverance extras selling meat bought with food stamps to buy their crank, 1970 campers that were so old they could be totaled if a large moth flew into the side, 3 to 4 black bears fishing in the dumpster nightly and other fun goodies.