Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Only 117 hours left until Wrestlemania 24

Not since Huey Lewis played Universal Mardi Gras on February 19, 2007 has there been such excitement and anticipation in the air throughout Central Florida. 

Really, it can only mean one thing:  It's WRESTLEMANIA time.

If you live here, you know it's coming based on the fact that WRESTLEMANIA has been all over (and over and over and over) the news for the last 2 months.  Here's the "24 Days of Wrestlemania Countdown" from the Sentinel.

Let me start by saying I had my first live WWE experience last June, so I know my shit, thank you very much.  I think the particular event I went to was called “Smackdown,” although I'm not quite sure where it falls in the wrestling hierarchy.

I got the feeling the crowd wasn't very happy that night.  Maybe it was the collective chants of “You SUCK!" throughout the entire evening. Like when that guy "Barista" made his way into the ring (I believe it’s Barista, as in, "Would you like your latte with skim or whole milk?”).   Once Barista made his entrance, the guy behind me led the Amway arena audience in an enthusiastic round of "YOU SUCK!"  At that point, I made the obvious assumption that the next wrestler must be the crowd favorite.  (It may have been “Gravedigger” or is that the name of the monster truck?  I always get them confused). But wouldn’t you know, as Gravedigger approached the ropes, the audience decided he sucked, as well, and he needed to be informed of that fact. By then, I wanted to politely ask the guy behind me, "If they all suck, then why are you here?" but he was much too busy rallying the support of his 4 and 7 year-old girls to even notice me. I think the little one was chewing tobacco.  

People held signs that read: “You Suck!”  Many people.  Some signs were just general statements and others were personalized.  I contemplated the family shopping spree and all the preparation that led to that moment: the posterboard, the magic markers.  Did they outline first using pencil?

As a side note here:  I'd like to say a great, big thanks to "Beer With Mike" who emailed a special VIP invitation to me for the Cheyenne Saloon’s festivities Wednesday night.  In case you didn’t know, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan will be there "beating people up and signing copies of his new DVD."  Interesting marketing approach - You surely won't see that kind of action when chef Norman Van Aken does his book signing this weekend at Borders in Winter Park.  

Oh, by the way, “Beer with Mike” also promises the first people to arrive will receive an actual piece of "Hacksaw's two-by-four that was used in the WWE ring, complete with a photo and certificate of authenticity.” Thank goodness, because I’m pretty sure the last one I got was a fake.

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