Monday, March 31, 2008

Somebody's Been a Very Naughty Boy...

Color me amused. This weekend, it was revealed that man-boobs were a little to risque for Orlando, prompting the nipples to be airbrushed out of one billboard by the WWE.

Um, so how do y'all like that new bondage/fetish place that just opened up near Clarcona-Ocoee Road and North Orange Blossom Trail? When I first read about the Woodshed in the Orlando Weekly, I thought it was some sort of freaky deaky sex place where people put clothespins on their private parts, whipped their partners on specialized bondage furniture, and zapped each other with electric winches, just for fun.

Well, I guess it is THAT, but listen up people, it's also a private membership club "dedicated to the practice of social nudism and the expression of the BDSM arts." So remember that, when they're beating your ass with a metal shovel while you're dressed as Little Bo Peep - it's not's art. Kind of like that puke art exhibit. ART! Don't you get it Orlando? ART!

So, about that membership thing. There are bylaws and an there's an application - which means they don't accept just anyone. I'm going to delve into this a little further and find out what, exactly, would be grounds for being turned down for membership in a sadomasochist club.

We'll also go into greater detail about the full-body shaving station, special events, and the one thing that is considered just plain gross at the Woodshed. See you tomorrow, and as we say in Orlando - make it a Disney day!

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