Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Ultimate Orlando Dilemma

March 22 is, of course, the anniversary of the "world's largest human checkers game" - which was played last year in Kissimmee.  Definitely a cause for celebration. 

But, that anniversary just so happens to fall on the same day as Pillowlando - the local bash held to honor the greater cause of World Pillow Fight Day.  

Lest you think Pillowlando was a gathering without mission or order, let me assure you, there were rules, ("soft pillows only"..."swing lightly"..."do not swing at people without pillows").  

And here's a bright spot if you missed Pillowlando at Lake Eola:  there are no fewer than NINETY-FIVE pictures in the Orlando Sentinel gallery, including this little tip-of-the-hat to The Karate Kid.    

checkers photo courtesy of Richard Tribou and pillow photos courtesy of Matthew Simantov

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