Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Go Together Like Salmon and Pop-Tarts

Orlando has definitely got some weird combos.  For example, everyone went nuts when Universal opened a tattoo shop adjacent to the theme park:  "Ride Shrek 3D, then get some ink".  

And I've always thought the Mickey Mouse shot glasses were a little strange.  I can't see myself offering up tequila in the Steamboat Willie model on the top left.  
But last week, I saw the Mac Daddy of all things mismatched.  Right as you come down I-4 headed westbound in the Disney/Lake Buena Vista area, there is a small billboard-wanna-be sitting off to the right.

The sign says, "".  

Anyplace other than the perimeter of Disney property, the sign is really not a big deal, but there, on the thoroughfare that is the main entrance for every family that's made the trek from somewhere across state lines?  EWWW!  It's the conversation I really didn't want to have with my kids on Sunday afternoon as we were getting all jazzed up about riding "It's a Small World". 

"Mom, what's an abortion?" asks my 11 year-old billboard reader from the backseat, while the 9 year-old listens intently for an answer and the 2 year-old chews his own foot.

"It's a website," I say.

The Disney PR people must be thrilled about that sign.  I mean, I'm sure they would agree with the message (because more babies equals more potential park-goers, which equals more revenue), but the whole thing is pretty puke-inducing.  I'm sure the site itself is filled with wonderful video and photographic evidence to support the cause, but I think I'll pass.  Tacky unfabulous, I declare!

No matter where you stand on the issue, couldn't we just agree there are probably better ways to brand this campaign?  Instead of "ABORTION NO," what's the matter with "Babies are the" or "Fetuses are Fantastic"?


Jake said...

Still doesn't top the guy I saw selling roses and turtles out of a van.

DaveX said...

Spell it with a hyphen, and it could be a tacky superhero: ABORTIONN-O!