Monday, April 28, 2008

I got flamingoed.

It happened sometime after 1am Sunday morning.  Some "pranksters" decorated my lawn with a bunch of plastic flamingos.  

I suspect it was the Eberhardt's, since they were ultimately found to be responsible for re-arranging the holiday displays into "reindeer mounting reindeer" positions and other undignified scenes Santa would not have been happy to see.

I have to admit, though, I kind of like my new pink lawn display.  It's a real conversation starter, like when my neighbors (who have their house up for sale) asked how long I planned to "showcase my art".

I'm curious as to how long I can leave them up before the homeowner's association gets up in my business.  I wonder what the penalty is for this sort of infraction.  I'm already in trouble for not registering my basketball hoop in the "neighborhood sporting equipment census".  

To add insult to injury, my flamingos are anchored into my almost-dead grass (I actually follow the water restrictions, thank you very much!)  

In case you're looking for more information on how to spread the lawn art love, why not visit the International Lawn Greetings Association website?  They are the powerful organization responsible for furthering the lawn greetings cause and lobbying our lawmakers in Tallahassee, I suppose.   Check out the forum for all the latest news and chat about lawn decor (including those "new baby" wooden storks - the enemy of the pink plastic flamingo).  


startlingmoniker said...

In my area, church youth groups do this, and "ransom" the subsequent cleaning up of your lawn-- basically asking you to make a donation to their church. I've been waiting for that to happen for a long time, just so I can keep the flamingos for myself... or mail 'em back beak-by-beak!

Lawn Greetings said...

Thanks so much for the mention! Our association has members all over the US, Canada and several other countries. It's nice to hear about your flocking experience. Do you happen to know who did the dastardly deed? We want to show them your blog.

If you like tacky, we have just the holiday for you!!! Check out

Enjoy your flock!!!
President - Lawn Greetings Association, Inc.

Tacky Fabulous said...

Hi Michelle:

I do think it's an inside neighborhood job - without the help of a professional. I will get the neighborhood committee on it. We're dusting for prints and DNA to locate the perps.

Thanks for the link - I will celebrate on the 23rd!

Sheri said...

Hi - my name is Sheri Gordon and I am the owner of Yardnews in Orlando. My flock is a little different then yours but we have flocked many yards in the area. Thank you for the Blog with the LGA, which I am a supporting member. Many people do not know about our services in Orlando and maybe your blog will get them thinking. We offer Gators too!