Monday, April 7, 2008

My Monkid Can Beat Up Your Monkid!

So, here's the latest rage in Central Florida - monkeys as pets/pseudo-children.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, they're called "Monkids."  

You can dress them up in fancy clothes, get their ears pierced, let them sit at the dinner table, take them Trick or Treating, and set them up with their own rooms, complete with all the best Pottery Barn accessories.  

Giving them a slight edge over their human counterparts, Monkids can be kept in a cage when you go out for the evening, rather than having to pay the outrageous costs of a babysitter.

photos courtesy of Sew Simply Monkey:  "Fashions for the well-dressed Simian."


cinnamonbite said...

If some demented monkey owner came to my house trick or treating for an animal on Halloween, I'm turning the hose on 'em.

Kari Bagnall said...

Monkeys need to be raising their young, not humans! I don't care if you grow a tail and swing from the trees, these baby monkeys were first stolen from their natural mothers who were, if you can imagine, MONKEYS!!

Go to Junlge Friends Primate Sanctuary for more information on why monkeys are NOT 'pets'!