Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Redneck Initiative

Lawmakers have been very busy helping us shed that pesky "Floriduh" image that's been haunting us for years.  The first exciting news came this week with the passing of the "Bestiality Bill" in the state Senate.  And now, just to show the world we mean bidness - a ban on "Truck Nutz."  Check it out, from the Orlando Weekly.

So, if you're from anywhere other than Orlando, right now you might be asking yourself, who would "do it" with livestock, and what are "Truck nutz?"  

Good questions!  The first was addressed yesterday. 

Onward...As far as Truck Nutz go - let me put this in the most polite and ladylike terms I can describe for this tacky fabulous redneck must-have.  Truck Nutz are "plastic replicas of bull genitalia".  Actually, the rich folk have the metallic variety.  
Cultural note:  In the swamplands of Florida, these Truck Nutz are seen as a symbol of status.  If one "mud bogger" gets stuck and needs to be pulled out by another driver, he must then surrender his set of Truck Nutz to his rescuer.  This is why you'll see some trucks with multiple sets.  

According to this article, plastic replicas of bull reproductive organs are "in fashion" this year. 

Click here for a complete list of other annoying automotive "dangling decor" courtesy of the Palm Beach Post.

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