Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dancing with Myself (at the Fringe)

It's time for the Orlando Fringe Festival, and I'd like to offer up my pick for most Tacky Fabulous event happening there...

"The Silent Rave" on May 24th at 5:24pm. According to the website, it's the latest rage in clubbing. Of course, as with most cool trends, this one traveled from Milan to NYC to Loch Haven Park.

Here's how it works: You load your iPod or portable CD player with tons of your favorite music, and then dance until the batteries die.  You dance by yourself, like nobody's watching. The recommended dress? Business suits, sequins or wings. The motto: "Don't care what others think. Dance in the streets, not your room!"

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akeorlando said...

Ummm...this is noting new. What you've described is a typical Saturday for me -- all alone in my living room!