Sunday, May 4, 2008

Flock You!

So, I told you how I got flocked last weekend...

(pink plastic flamingos in my lawn, that is)

Don't worry, I didn't get my feathers ruffled over it. Ha HA!

Based on the huge number of emails I got on the subject, flocking is apparently a huge pastime and a booming business. It has also become such an epidemic that people are now taking out "flocking insurance." If you don't buy it, fairies could descend on your property during the night to drop off lawn decor, in which case you'd have to pay a removal fee, which is then donated to charity.

Perhaps you were "in the know" on all this, and you celebrated National Lawn Greetings Month in April. Or you might be counting the days until June 23rd - National Pink Flamingo Day.

Let me do my part now, for the cause, and honor Donald Featherstone, inventor of the pink plastic flamingo.
Remember, like Donald Featherstone always says, "an empty lawn is like an empty coffee table. You've got to put something on it."

I'm working on a plan to spread plastic bird love in my own neighborhood. I'll updatecha later this week!

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