Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a Ravenous Pig

... so it's really quite ironic that Ravenous Pig is the name of the restaurant where I ate lunch the other day. Is that not the most tacky fabulous name for an eating establishment EVER?

Prior to getting together, my "dining companion" had marked the date on his on his work calendar as follows:

1pm - Lunch with Deanne (Ravenous Pig)

So, on the morning of our date, his assistant opened his calendar, saw what he had written, and let him know she thought it was highly inappropriate for him to refer to me as such. Apparently, she hadn't heard of the place, and thought his notation was descriptive in nature, along the lines of: Kimberly (Hot Fox) or Josephine (Psychotic Dog).

The truffle fries rock, by the way.


startlingmoniker said...

All I've got is a local diner whose sign promises "Ho-Made Pies"... A Ravenous Pig beats that hands-down!

akeorlando said...

I've heard this place is really great! What did you think? I'm anxious to eat there; I'll surely do a post on our blog when I visit.

Mitch said...

This place is actually really good. I ate there and the food rocked.