Sunday, May 18, 2008

Only 182 Days Left!

...until the Neil Diamond concert, baby!

He really defines tacky fabulous, don't you agree? I think the fact that promotion for this concert began 7 months before Neil's feet hit Orlando soil makes the event even more exciting and important.

Sweet Caroline (bomp, bomp, bomp) qualifies as one of the most tacky fabulous songs ever, meeting the three necessary requirements:

1. The artist sings the tune wearing an ascot, scarf, and/or sequined shirt.
2. The artist is described as "enduring"
3. Mark and Lorna perform the song at the Red Fox Lounge in the Best Western Inn.

According to Sentinel music critic Jim Abbott, Neil Diamond still sees his share of undies on-stage. I suspect, though, they are high-waisted with "full coverage bottoms". Imagine being pelted with these Granny Panties during an encore of "Love on the Rocks". Eesh!

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