Thursday, May 1, 2008

You say: Suspect. I say: Scumbag. You say: Defendant. I say: Degenerate. You say: Perp. I say: Poophead.

The latest rage in Daytona Beach fashion comes to us courtesy of Police Chief Mike Chitwood.  

The front of the T-shirt says "S.E.T MEMBER."  SET, as in: "Scumbag Eradication Team."  

The back of the shirt (which Daytona Beach News-Journal Describes as "a potty humor cartoon") has a picture of Chief Chitwood smiling while dunking the aforementioned scumbag's head in the toilet.  Below it, the phrase:  "Not in our town!"

There are people who think the whole thing is tacky minus fabulous.  To that, Chitwood replies, "If somebody doesn't like the fact that I call them a scumbag, too bad!"

OK.  So we've settled that.  

You also need to know, there's a really touching back-story that deals with a Chitwood family tradition of "Scumbag" T-shirts.  Chitwood's father is a police chief in Upper Darby Township Pennsylvania, where the officers made shirts that say:  "Not in my town, SCUMBAG."  Isn't it cool to see families pass down their customs from one generation to the next?   

The shirts are 10 bucks a piece, which really is top dollar in Orlando (home of the "5 T-shirts for $6.99" special).

Full story at Daytona Beach News-Journal
photo courtesy of WFTV

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