Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The hotel smells like ass, but they've got free shuttle service

You know all those signs at Lake Eola I always complain about?  The ones designed to give the homeless people a hard time?

There is none of that here in Memphis.  Not only can Memphanites recline on benches and sleep, but they can have sexual relations on those benches. We witnessed a tremendous amount of heavy petting today, during the carriage ride.

Anyway, the Heartbreak hotel is a completely cheesy dive.  I love it.  Our room overlooks a heart-shaped pool and an adjoining RV park.  Life is good.  I bitched a little because the place smells strongly of Lysol, but then decided it was better than the mold/feet/Parmesan smell it was masking.  

Tomorrow, we move on to the Peabody Hotel, for a totally unique Memphis experience unlike anything that can be found in Orlando.  They've got a parade of ducks in the lobby, you know. 

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akeorlando said...

Have you ever been to the Peabody here in Orlando? They actually have the parade of ducks as well! I haven't been in years, but I remember it being quite entertaining!