Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I see naked people

Theme parks are so last year.  Dinner theaters are OUT!

It's all about the "NAKATIONS".  As in - "Naked on Vacation," with my Mom and Dad and Grandparents in Kissimmee

That's the official word from the Orlando Sentinel in a story today about Cypress Cove Nudist Resort.  Remember?  The home of Cheeks Restaurant, The Fig Leaf Boutique, and people bare-assing bar stools, canoes, and anything else they can leave a butt print on.

The point of the article had something to do with Nakations being the rage among "international visitors".  There was the typical line about naked vacations being a great opportunity for family bonding without the limitations of clothing.  There was the obligatory quote from someone, to the effect of "It's not about seeing genitals - it's about celebrating the human form..."  blah...blah...  

My position has not changed on this - I still think it's about seeing somebody else's private parts.  If not, then why not go to the Nickelodeon Resort?  They've got a restaurant and a gift shop, too!

But, I must admit, there was a really great point made by 44 year-old Harrie Canhout from the Netherlands.  In the midst of a failing economy, wouldn't it be great to go on vacation and not pack anything at all?  In Harrie's suitcase - one toothbrush and a single pair of sneakers, for playing tennis and running on the treadmill, of course.

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