Sunday, July 20, 2008

My soon-to-be BFF: Carole Rome

It's not that I don't appreciate my friends, it's just that once again, we spent last night sitting in folding chairs in the driveway of my neighbor's house listening to Kenny Chesney and Nickelback.  It probably wouldn't surprise you to know there were children playing in the back of a pickup truck.  On the menu?  Cool ranch Doritos, barbecued Lay's potato chips, limoncello and Michelob Ultra.  Fireworks and other homemade explosives were involved, and we are now 16 days past the 4th of July.  The Speed Channel was on in the garage.  What's nice is that you are free to watch it from either the elliptical machine or the stationary bike.  Did I mention we did the same thing Friday night?  Oh wait, I think we ordered pizza for that one.

To my point - while I'm heating up another tray of "pigs in a blanket," my new imaginary best friend/soon-to-be First Lady of Florida, Carole Rome, is partying it up in the Hampton's with a bunch of girls in shiny dresses.  

Carole - you know how Barack Obama always talks about change?  Girl, you better be fixin' for some change once you take up permanent residence here in the Sunshine State.  Y'all ever heard of Gatorland?

Anyway, here are some pics from one of Carole's awesome Hampton's parties at "Casa Rome."  This is Carole greeting her guests.  
CRIKEY! Is that a glass of White Zinfandel in her hand?  That is fantastic!  I was right- Carole Rome is sooo my kind of girl.  Uptight girls drink Merlot, but White Zin is one step away from a shot of Jager, which is one step away from a body shot which is one step away from wrestling in coleslaw at Bike Week.  Carol, we are going to have so much fun because I can just feel  that you are more "Bithlo Crash-a-rama" than you are "Hampton's Founders Day Picnic."  

I once saw Joey Fatone at Albertson's, which I thought was the greatest celeb citing ever, until I saw Carole's pics and discovered that when she has a party, all of Hollywood turns out!  That's reality star Lisa Gastineau - the mom from The Gastineau Girls, along with Barry Manilow, I think.

Then there are Carole's sexy friends who always know how to look great for the camera.

Pouty at every angle and workin' it like the rent is due! You go, girl in the blue and white dress!

And leave it to Carole to know that no shindig is complete without a John Stossel impersonator. 

By the way, these photos are brought to you courtesy of Rob Rich, but I think he made that pretty clear already!

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