Friday, July 18, 2008

Somebody's been laying down again...and lying too!

Did city officials not make themselves clear on this? Per a previous lesson, everybody knows you are not allowed to "lie or otherwise be in a horizontal position" on park benches. Nor are you allowed to "sleep or remain in any bushes."
"Or Shrubs"

"Or Foliage"

But that's not all. Let's be more specific about the "horizontal" thing.

It means NO LAYING DOWN - on benches (or in bushes, shrubs or foliage).  Confused? Fortunately, there is another sign, just 3 feet away, for you slow people.

It means NO LYING on benches (or in bushes, shrubs, and/or foliage). 

And if that's not clear enough, you may not HAVE LAIN there at any time... nor should you currently be lying about shrubs ... or have plans to be untruthful in foliage EVER!  NOT IN OUR PARKS, PEOPLE!

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J. Chris said...

So where's your Best of Orlando acceptance speech? :)

Congratulations. Best Lifestyle Blog of Orlando: Tacky Fabulous.