Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wash your undies in Orlando toilets and go to JAIL - unless you're in a wheelchair

I believe I'm the only person who takes issue with Orlando public restrooms because I'm the only one who uses them (horny local politicians notwithstanding).

Yesterday, my research duties (along with my 2 year-old son's doodies) brought me to the bathroom of the park at Lake Eola.  Armed with pepper spray, latex gloves, a surgical mask and Purel anti-bacterial gel, I made my entrance, and came face-to-face with this sign:

It begs the question:  are you allowed to wash your clothes in the toilet of a NON-handicap stall if you don't have "a handicap need in Lake Eola park"?

And most importantly, how many people washed their dedicates in the chamber pot before city officials felt it warranted an ordinance?

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Anonymous said...

I think that it helps the city to move the homeless people out of the bathrooms.