Friday, August 8, 2008

Too much information from the Disney Doodie Patrol

My Dad told me about this drinking game all the groovy people used to play "back in the day".  It had something to do with watching the Newhart show and then drinking a beer each time someone said "Hi, Bob".  He thought it was pretty funny.  Ah, the good old days.

I have an Orlando theme park twist on the game, sure to have you rip-roaring, stumbling, blotto in minutes:

Take one drink each time you see a sign at a water park that blatantly or subtly makes reference to poop, including, but not limited to: creating it, playing in it, distributing it or consuming it.


This gem is from Typhoon Lagoon at Disney, where I love the rides, but hate the signs. All 14 of them.

At the heart of the issue - my belief that most people who defecate in pools are not able to read (God, I hope I'm right about that).  But let's just say I'm wrong, and the people who make poo-poo-kaka  in pools are able to read - even big 25 cent words like diarrhea.  Do you really think this sign will deter them?  You know, they'll say to themselves, "Oh, I was just about to, but now that I see it's not allowed, let me use the bathroom."


Jake said...

I've seen someone take a dump in the middle of Mainstreet USA. Crapping in the pool doesn't seem too far-fetched.

J. Chris said...

The Disney/Universal culture clash! I love it (I've worked at both).

However, I never thought I'd ever come across this:

This guy is brilliant.

johnnypeepers said...

Hey TF, are you related to Rielle Hunter? I know she lived in Central Florida (Ocala) and you both look somewhat similar (no offense cuz you are way prettier than her). Do you think Edwards is really the daddy? The Rest of America does.