Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wanna trade a Pikachu for a Mudkip? I didn't think SO!

The Pokemon Trading Card World Championships are finally here.  Thank God, because I've been waiting all year.  Trust me, this event is synonymous with hedonism.  Expect a huge, unruly crowd do descend on Orlando.  Their tailgating parties are legendary.  "The best Pokemon Trainers from the US and Japan" are set to compete.  What do you mean, "How do you train a trading card?"   If you have to ask, you just don't get it...amateurs.

I'll probably swing by there at some point since I did pretty well this season - ranking 15,357 in regionals, practically earning a premier rating along the way.  You should have seen the look on Tsunekaz Ishihara's face when I attempted the Triple Lindy of trading - putting a Sandshrew, Magikarp, and Kingdra Ex in a fight against a Raichu (Picachu's annoying brother) .  Ishihara was floored.  It's never before been attempted, much less, perfectly executed - Thank you very much!  Take that, team Slovenia.  They are absolute cowards in the world of card training, and everyone knows they cheat. 

So, before you start thinking the event is simply about kids and costumes, understand that there is also this component:
As you can see, the guy to the right of the woman with the furry tiara is ready for some hard core competition - not opposed to breaking a sweat, and ready to go "from none to fun in 45 seconds".

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akeorlando said...

I'm crackin' up: do you know what Chelsea Handler uses the word Pikachu to reference?