Sunday, August 3, 2008

Want to come back to my Teepee?

How is it that the Paradise Motel lives on, and the Magic Castle Motor Lodge is going strong, but we have no Wigwam Village to speak of?  

The Orange County Regional History Center has a new exhibit to spotlight all the cool things in Orlando, before there was "The Mouse".  My first thought was, "if there was an Orlando without a FunSpot, I don't want to live in it".  

Adding to my lack of excitement:  Bok Tower was the first attraction noted on the "Destination Florida:  Tourism Before Disney" press release.  YAWN!

But then, I saw this - the most beautiful, most wonderful, most romantic resort imaginable.  The Wigwam Village.  I've never done it in a wigwam.  Tent? Yes.  Log cabin? Yes.  Igloo? Yes (long story).  Wigwam? No.

The owners were Ma and Pa Hutton - bonus Tacky Fabulous points for that.  It was "a motor lodge, auto service station, gift shop and grill - all in one".  HEAVEN!  Their advertisements boast "cleanliness and refinement".  Speaking of refinement, the gift shop had oranges and Indian Jewelry for sale. Back then, Native American's were called Indians.  (Just a little history lesson for ya!)

Photos from Central Florida Heritage Foundation

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