Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mommy, what's a WMD?

You might think a trip to Disney is all about rides and characters.

Au Contraire!

It's really about learning experiences for the little ones.  For example, the I-4 drive between Longwood and Lake Buena Vista presents boundless opportunities for  children to soak up information.  The combination of an early reader and an I-4 billboard can open the door to all sorts of great questions ranging in content from Tahini juice to women's reproduction to homicidal maniacs.

Of course, first, we must recognize those fantastic pro-lifers who erected the giant homemade sign on the perimeter of Disney, for without that sign, there would not be the question, "Mom, what's an abortion?" 

The new Universal Studios/Bloody Mary billboards have prompted lots of great questions from the kiddies, like, "Who slashed that lady's face?" "Who's Bloody Mary" and "Why don't some people have eyes?"  Of course, even after you politely inform the little ones that Bloody Mary is a ghost who appears in the mirror after you say her name in the dark 6 times at slumber parties, they always seem to ask the same questions again later, at bedtime.

Today's wonderful "I'll tell you after we're done riding the teacups" question came before we even hit the Disney turnstiles.  

"Mommy, what's a sniper?"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Best Chance to Hear "Islands in the Stream" LIVE

There is nothing more tacky fabulous than a celebrity impersonator, and we have the MACK DADDY of all look-alike events going on right now in Orlando.

"Showcase of the Stars" is taking place at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.  Imagine an event so big that there is not one, but TWO Kenny Rogers impersonators!  

Along with three Dollys...

five Chers...

four Joan Rivers'...

A Brad Garrett...


Three Rod Stewarts, two Elviras, six Elvis', two Dame Ednas, one Bon Jovi...

...and a KC and the Sunshine Band.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's the difference between a pit bull and a playmate? In Orlando, NOTHING!

I think you can tell a lot about a person by their writing (or painting, in this case). My friends will tell you I'm not the best judge of character, but I really get a good feeling about this babysitter. She (or HE!) loves children AND animals AND produce (so healthy)! It really is the ideal situation for working moms in the Lake Mary area.

thanks to Mary for the photo