Friday, November 21, 2008

Who's Christmas Sweater is Better?

As the temperature drops in Orlando, the energy level rises as we gear up for fake snow made from Dawn dishwashing detergent, Orange County Sheriffs dressed as elves, miles of extension cords at Disney, and the much beloved parade of produce.

It's truly a proud time for all Central Floridians, and there's only one way to dress for it - in a tacky fabulous holiday sweater.

Thanks to the Orlando Sentinel for its beautiful display of some of the best in town.


akeorlando said...

Too funny! You've just given me a great idea.

akeorlando said...

I love it! You actually inspired us over at "Pulse of Central Florida" to have a tacky sweater contest.

Can we find the tackiest one in Central Florida? I sure hope so.

C said...

I love your blog Dee! I believe you may have selective memory (I assure you I did until I saw the two fabulous sweaters on the lovely ladies in you blog)! The flashing image of five young ambitious women choosing to "mark" their first Christmas away from family with their new best Disney buddies striking a pose arm-in-arm in their "homemade" Christmas/Disney memorabilia sweatshirts - oversized of course! My search is on to find the evidence that may have arguably been the start of Tacky Fabulous!