Monday, January 5, 2009

Serving and Protecting Daytona Beach - but no tasering. WAH!

Yesterday, I was an intern at the Daytona Beach Police Department - complete with the bullet-proof vest. Long story (and you'll get to read all the details in an upcoming article) but in the meantime, here are some lovely photos from around town.

This is Pooh-Pooh's Car Wash/Restaurant. There is really no place better if you're looking for automobile detailing and Linguine with Clam Sauce.

On one 911 call, we were summoned to break-up a dispute between two delightful ladies - apparently the result of a misunderstanding over a cell phone and a boyfriend. When we arrived, only one of the women was still on the scene. The other fled in a hurry - leaving behind only her weave.

We did call for backup on that one.

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akeorlando said...

LOL! Love the "weave that was left behind." If I had a dollar for everytime that happened to me....